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Expert Collision Services

Stony Brook of Chelmsford MA

You will hear about our warranty from anyone who has had their vehicle worked on here at Stony Brook of Chelmsford MA. It is one of the best warranties available in the industry today. If you are not 100% satisfied with the workmanship, paint finish or overall feel of the car after we are done working on it, we'll take care of it willingly and without charge for as long as you own your car. It provides peace of mind to customers who have never visited Stony Brook Auto Body before.


As mentioned, one of our main goals is complete 100% customer satisfaction. We feel that the more you know and expect, the better YOUR experience will be throughout the entire repairing process. Below is a brief overview of the Collision Repair Process after you decide to choose us as your repair facility.

  1. Your estimate is prepared 
  2. You, the owner, signs repair authorization 
  3. The insurance company approves work 
  4. Parts needed for the repair are ordered 
  5. The parts are then received 
  6. Your vehicle is then scheduled for repairs 
  7. Vehicle disassembled and re-inspected 
  8. Supplement damage report filed if needed 
  9. Supplement approved 
  10. Additional parts ordered 
  11. Vehicle set on unibody repair machine 
  12. Structural and body repairs performed 
  13. New panels installed and checked for proper fit 
  14. Corrosion protection re-applied to repaired areas 
  15. All metal work is then inspected
  16. Vehicle is then prepped, primed and blocked 
  17. Vehicle is then masked, taped and placed in paint booth 
  18. Vehicle is then chemically cleaned and tacked 
  19. Vehicle then undergoes multi-step refinishing process 
  20. Vehicle is then re-assembled, aligned, and road tested 
  21. Vehicle is then detailed 
  22. Delivery of vehicle