1What is the warranty of vinyl siding?
There is a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer's defects for the original homeowner. Upon transfer of the property, the siding is warranteed from the date of installation for a period of 50 years.
2Is argon gas safe?
Yes, Soft Coat Low-E Glass with Argon blocks 64% of harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause furniture and carpet fading. Soft Coat Low-E Glass with Argon provides over 42% better blockage than clear window glass. So by purchasing windows with this special glass, you reduce the risk of furniture and carpet fading in your home. Another benefit - this reduction in ultraviolet radiation promotes healthier plant growth.
3What is involved in replacing my roof?
Your existing shingles will be stripped down to the roof sheathing (which will be replaced if necessary), Ice & Water Barrier will then be installed along the gutter edge and in the valleys, Felt Paper installed over the remainder of the sheathing, Aluminum Drip Edge around the entire perimeter of the roof, New Roofing Shingles, Ridgevent at the peak, and finally, Roofing Caps.
4What causes failure of roofing shingles?
Normal weather! Intense heat from the sun, ultraviolet radiation, moisture, pollution, rain, snow and ice, traffic, and tree limbs all contribute to aging and degradation of your roof. In addition to all the exterior and climatic forces that impact performance of your roof, consider internal factors. Improperly ventilated air space inhibits air movement and can inverse moisture content.
5Will your patio screen door fall apart like other sliding screens?
We've engineered our screen door not to break, bow, or warp, and we guarantee it for the life of your patio door system. Most screen doorframes are 3/8" thick. Ours is more than twice as thick for added strength and it's manufactured to eliminate weak spots and corners that tend to loosen.
6Is all window glass the same?
Definitely not. Glass is available in a variety of types and colors including clear, solar gray, solar bronze, sunglass, and obscure glass. Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is also available in windows. Glass is rated by the same R factor system that is used in rating window frames. The type of glass, thickness, number of panes, distance between panes, as well as the manner in which panes are connected, all affect the R factor performance of the window.
7What is the warranty of a new roof?
Depending on the product you choose, you can expect a warranty of 25 years to lifetime.
8What’s the difference between vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows?
Vinyl (PVC) provides the utmost in convenience and long-lasting beauty. Because the color is through-and-through, it never needs painting and won't show scratches, like aluminum or wood windows. Also, PVC doesn't conduct heat or cold, it reduces frost and condensation and is warmer to touch. Although most Americans are more familiar with wood windows and their problems, vinyl windows (proven and accepted in Europe as a standard) are quickly gaining acceptance in the replacement window industry in the United States. Today about one-third of all replacement windows are PVC, and in the northern part of the United States the percentages are higher. But just because a window is made of PVC doesn't mean it's superior. The design, engineering, and manufacturing of the window all help distinguish a poor window from a superior window.
Because every home and siding job is unique, there is no way to answer this question. The best way to find out-contact us to arrange a meeting for your free no obligation estimate.
10Do I ever have to paint vinyl siding?
NO! Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free. Just rinse with your garden hose a few times a year and that should do it.
11Can I install siding myself?
Installation of vinyl siding is usually not a do-it-yourself job. It is better left to professionals who have the skills and tools to complete the job right the first time.
12What is a Welded Window?
Welding involves a process that fuses four pieces of material into one single piece. This seamless welding eliminates air infiltration and unsightly joints. Plus, one-piece, welded windows never need caulk or silicone and are virtually maintenance-free.
13What are cam locks and ventilation locks?
Cam locks are used to tighten sashes and reduce drafts. But more importantly, they improve security. A Good window will have two locks when the width is 25" or more. Window manufacturers who cut corners use two locks only when the window reaches 32" or more in width. We provide two locks on windows over 25" wide for double-hungs and sliding windows. Ventilation-limit locks are stops in the sash, which permit windows to be opened partially while retaining security. This is another standard feature of our windows. Not all window manufacturers provide ventilation-limit locks.
14What kind of warranty should we look for when buying windows?
As any lawyer will advise-get it in writing, and ask the following questions: What is the length of the warranty? Does the warranty cover things like screens, hardware, and of course, glass? If I decide to sell my house, is the warranty transferable? After that, check if the company is financially strong. If a corporation is not financially sound, it may not honor your warranty claim. Or even worse, it may not be around in five years when you need to make a claim. Beware: A very reputable company could have manufactured the extrusions (framing material), while the assembly and glass manufacture was done by some small company. Look for a large company that is willing to take total responsibility for the windows that carry its name.
15Should I have a sliding door instead of a hinged door?
A hinged door requires a larger room. A three-foot wide door swinging into the room takes up about six square feet of decorating floor home where space is important; a sliding patio door is the answer.
16What if it rains during the installation of my roof?
Weather in New England can be unpredictable, so we pay close attention. We only remove the amount of roofing sections that can be re-roofed the same day. We avoid working when possible when rain is forecasted. When we leave for the day, you can expect your roof to be weather tight.
17I’ve heard window corners can separate and leak air. What is the best way to put windows together?
Wood windows are put together with staples; most vinyl and aluminum windows are screwed together and then caulked. The day they leave the factory, most windows are perfect. But since you're concerned with tomorrow . . . five years from now . . . and even twenty-five years after the window is manufactured, it's recommended you look for windows with sash corners that are secured in the best way possible and that is a fully welded window.
18Does the siding come with matching trim?
Yes, everything from functional utility trim to substantially wide trims, fluted corner posts and soffits. Most trims are available.
19Why should I buy custom replacement windows?
Because custom windows fit perfectly. Stock windows, like those used by builders, are available only in certain sizes. Often there are several inches of open space around the entire window. Carpenters generally fill this space with gypsum board or molding. Not only does this reduce your viewing area, and detract from your home's beauty, but also you have extra wall space to patch, paint, and decorate. Custom windows are designed, engineered, and manufactured to fit your home's size, style, and appearance with minimal reduction to your viewing area.
20Can I install custom-made windows myself?
Yes, but the better question might be "Should you install custom made windows yourself?" Professional installers have all the necessary equipment to do the job right, like bending exterior trim panels to make them more visually appealing. And measuring the size of the window is extremely important. If your measurements are off by as little as 1/4", a custom-made window may not fit. We strongly recommend that you let a professional do the job for you.
21Are there special windows available for my kitchen?
Yes, garden windows are ideal for the kitchen, especially if you want to bring an open, atrium-like feeling to that room. And, a garden window offers extra sunlight and warmth. Garden windows also offer two operating trapezoid-shaped casement side windows and a tempered-glass interior shelf to add more room for plants.
22Can a roof be installed over the existing roof?
Yes. A new layer of shingles can be installed over the existing layer provided that only one layer exists and it is in fairly good condition. If two layers exist, both must be removed. We recommend removing the existing roofing in every case for the best possible results.
23What features should be considered standard when I purchase replacement windows?
It depends on the manufacturer. Be sure to find out what is considered standard and what features are classified are optional, which may add to the cost.
24What’s the advantage to having an exterior keylock on my patio door?
Extra security and convenience. With our new decorator brass keylock you can lock or unlock your patio door from the outside, which means you can leave and enter from your patio door like any other entry door in your house.
25Do I have to get plain glass, or are there decorative glass options available, too?
The style of glass plays an important role in the appearance of your home. We offer a wide range of decorative glass options, including elegant, diamond grids, and beveled-leaded glass in both brass and lead finish to satisfy our customers' demand for a wide variety of glass options to suit their architectural preferences. We also offer Grids between the glass, which match the windows interior color and their exterior solid colors.
26Are some windows easier and safer to clean than others are?
Absolutely. Look for double-hung windows where the top and bottom sashes can tilt in for easy and safe cleaning (which many wood window manufacturers do not even offer). Also, look at sliding windows manufactured to allow both sashes to be removed easily for cleaning, rather than just one sash, and make sure your casement windows open to a full 90 degrees for easy, inside-the-house cleaning.
27Are all maintenance-free exterior/wood interior windows custom manufactured?
Rarely, and when they are, they can be costly. Because most wood window manufactures produce their products in standard sizes, they are rarely close to the actual existing size of your opening, often leaving several inches of open space around the window. One exception to this is the Harvey Industries Majesty window line. The Majesty is manufactured to your exact size.
28an I get a custom-made window with a maintenance-free exterior and real wood interior?
Certainly. Our Custom Harvey Majesty window gives you a maintenance-free exterior, along with the versatility and natural beauty of wood on the inside. The furniture-grade wood sashes can be stained or painted to match your décor, and outperform other windows in the areas of energy efficiency, ease of installation, and ease of cleaning.
29Do I have to replace my windows with the same style window that’s already in my home, or is there an alternative?
Just because you have one style of window on your home now doesn't mean you have to replace it with the same style. With the wide variety of window styles, shapes, sizes, and colors available today, it's easy to reflect your own personal taste. Consider replacing those three double windows in the front of your house with bay or bow window, or adding a garden window in the kitchen.
30I prefer humidity over extreme dryness in my home. Is there anything I can do to reduce or eliminate condensation on my windows without reducing the humidity level?
Condensation usually occurs on windows because glass surfaces have the lowest temperatures of any of the interior surfaces of your home. By using glass with the highest R factor available the inside pane is not only warmer to the touch – you can also maintain higher humidity levels in your home without noticeable condensation on the windows.